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AWS Consulting Partner with a shared vision

we are passionate about delivering a seamless customer experience and we pride ourselves in being a cloud enabler with thorough understanding of client needs on front-end, middleware and back-end levels.

Customer Experience Solutions

Combine IoT and cloud technologies to improve customer experience and convenience.
Create insights from customer behaviours to make better business decisions. 

Amazon Web Services

Get professional consultation from our certified cloud service engineers. Reduce technical risks with our expertise in cloud platform implementation and 24/7 

Amazon Alexa Managed Solutions

 Integrate voice control into homes, businesses, and communities.
Develop customized Alexa skills to instantly connect customers with business services. 

24/7 Operational Support

With a global support team serving different time zones, you can rest assured that your environment is under control around the clock.  Our operational support team follows best practices to analyse and address any technical issues that may occur.

Internet of things (IoT)

Develop Internet of Things solutions with real time data analysis.
Incorporate AI & Machine Learning technology into business solution.

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