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  • What project did you need AWS consultancy for?

Infrastructure migration.

Data migration - We wanted to ensure that 100% of our data was on Canadian soil.

Documentation of infrastructure.

Infrastructure as code.

  • Why did you decide to work with Classmethod?

Classmethod came to us and presented a great migration plan that fit our needs.

ClassMethod had an amazing portfolio with detailed examples that showcased why they were great for Rise.

They had competitive pricing, paired with quality work - it was a pretty easy pick!

  • How was Classmethod able to help and what kind of expertise did it bring to the table?

Classmethod was able to take our infrastructure code, manipulate it to run on a separate cluster and execute the migration over the production environment.

The tech resource was very knowledgeable of all services provided by AWS, which helped us understand some deficiencies, and how to improve our environment overall.

They offered seamless and timely support throughout the process and were always willing to walk us through any component we had questions about.

  • As a result, how were you able to meet business or organizational needs?

The final migration was spot-on, there were several code iterations, and tests that assured the final go-live migration to be flawless.  Classmethod was extremely flexible to our needs; the schedule of all tests and go-live migration was accommodated to our very specific needs.

Our environment has improved since our migration, as all our servers are now automatically updated thanks to the coded environment.

AWS made it possible for our developers to continue focusing on what was most important- our product!

  • Would you recommend Classmethod for migration consultancy?

Most definitely, as our consultant company they were able to study and understand our very specific business needs, and then create an amazing project plan that delivered all our needs.

We are looking to continue our relationship with Classmethod and leverage their exceptional skills for future projects. Thank you!


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