Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Developed by Classmethod Canada, the Xpress Yrself Terminal is an IoT solution built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It harnesses the power of customer feedback data and real time analytics to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Continuous customer feedback gives benchmarking data to help set targets, improve performance, and surpass customer satisfaction levels. The XY Terminal is available in highly attractive and customizable designs that spark customer curiosity. Instant rewards encourage customer feedback and interaction.

The picture below shows how the terminal Xpress/Yrself looks like. Both the customer feedback terminal and Assistance call button are customizable. The terminal comes with 5 customizable buttons, a thermal printer that prints out coupons, backlit lights, and a back panel for questionnaire. The assistance call button is wireless and send notification to any desktop or mobile client to raise attention.

The demo dashboard showed here is hosted on Tableau Online. We tested multiple dashboard option such as QuickSight, Kibana, and plotly. It can be customized to meet end user's needs.

Analytics Dashboard

This is the call queue dashboard displayed on web browser. When the assistance button is pressed, the bell images on the map will wiggle, and a calling queue will show up under the "Call Queue". User have to click the item to remove it from the queue in order to indicate the request is cleared.

Call Queue Dashboard

Our backend is built on AWS infrastructure. With SORACOM network connectivity, all the collected data can be stored on the cloud instantaneously, without the need of WIFI. We designed our terminal to be light weighted, and easy to install. Just plug in the power, and the terminal is ready to go.

Architecture Diagram of Xpress Yrself Terminal

On March 11st to 13rd, 2019, we took our terminal to attend BC Tech Summit. We talked to students, administrators from educational institutions, and people from private and public sector showed interested in our solution.

The Xpress Yrself solution can be used to collect customer review in a restaurant, shopping mall, or any customer facing environment. We discovered some application after exhibiting at the BC Tech Summit, such as course reviews.

Check it out at this website!


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