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Smart Cities & IoT @ OVH, Montreal, QC

On Thur. Feb 22nd, PartsAvatar hosted a Smart Cities & IoT event at OVH in Montreal, QC. SORACOM Inc. and Classmethod Canada were invited to speak at this meetup event and we were very excited because it was our first exposure in Eastern Canada. More than 120 people signed up prior to the event, people filled up the event room quickly in the beginning of the evening. The agenda began with an introduction from OVH, followed by Keynote by Eric Bourbeau from X-Tella. After a short break, SORACOM  presented and concluded with a lucky draw.

We were happy to be introduced by Mr. Abhay Ghatpande, Product Strategy from PartsAvatar and the organizer of this event.

First presentation was given by OVH in French. Followed by presentation by Eric from X-Teslia. His presentation covers LoRa technology and IoT devices. After a short break, Eugene Kawamoto, SORACOM CEO, gave an introduction of the company and SORACOM's services. The slides are available here.

After Eugene's introduction, Shohei Azuma, Head of Customer Connection at SORACOM Inc., presented on RF technology and cellular connectivity available in the current market. Azuma-san highlighted some smart home and elder care use cases, but you can never miss the connected cow device in a SORACOM presentation. Eric mentioned earlier in his presentation that LoRa technology can be used on farms and animals. In this case, IoT devices were attached on cattle and observed abusive behaviour in the cattle community which leads to reduction of milk production in the abused cow. This is a perfect example where IoT technology brings meaningful insights into an industry.

Azuma-san demonstrated an ultrasonic prototype and introduced SORACOM’s management console to the audience.

At the end of the presentation, Azuma-san introduced Classmethod Canada as their business partner in Canada. I am very pleased to represent Classmethod Canada and introduced our services to the Montreal audiences.

Here's a photo of the presenters and our grand lucky draw winner. SORACOM gave out a Raspberry Pi test kit and 4 SORACOM SIM card in the final lucky draw, and here's a photo of the winner who received the test kit with a SORACOM SIM card. 

Thank you PartsAvatar for inviting us to the Smart cities and IoT event at OVH in Montreal. We really enjoy meeting your friends and I really appreciated the opportunity to introduce Classmethod Canada to Montreal. Looking forward to your next gathering!

*This blog entry was first published in Developers IO. Original post here

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