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This AMI is a LAMP Web Server with phpMyAdmin running on CentOS 7. SSM Agent is installed. SELinux is disabled. For more details on these features, please refer to the following documents.

This AMI supports following versions.

  • PHP 7.4

  • Apache 2.4

  • MariaDB 10.6

  • phpMyAdmin 5.1.1

Web Server

We prepared SSL/TLS so you can access to top page using http:// or https://.

DB Server Password

You can find the password from EC2 management console System Log.

  1. Go to Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/.

  2. Chose your Instance and Click Actions → Instance Settings → Get System log

Get System log

You can also SSH into your instance and find the login credential using the following command.

$ cat /home/centos/credentials 
////////////////////credentials info////////////////////
--- phpMyAdmin
----- Setting  : Success
--- MariaDB
----- User     : root
----- Password : lkb3kM5lfjntvnHa


You can access to phpMyAdmin after creating ssh tunnel.

How to Set up SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding)

ex.) create ssh tunnel

$ ssh centos@{ipaddress} -i {ssh-key-file.pem} -N -L 8080:localhost:80


For phpMyAdmin please refer to phpMyAdmin User Guide.


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